John Lundvik Released New Christmas EP “Välkommen Jul”!

John Lundvik released her new Christmas EP “Välkommen Jul”, which means “Welcome Christmas”. The EP contains five Christmas songs!

John Lundvik

John Lundvik was born on January 27, 1983, in London, England. He was adopted when he was just 1 week old, by Swedish that lived in England. He has never met his biological parents. John lived in England till the age of 6, when he moved with his parents to Växjö, Sweden.

Before he succeeded in the music world, he was a sprinter. In 2005 he won a bronze medal in the Swedish Championship.

His musical breakthrough came in 2010 when he composed a song for the Swedish Royal Wedding. In 2016, he composed and performed the Swedish song for the Olympic Games in Rio. The same year, he also performed a duet alongside with Lill Lindfors (Sweden 1966, ESC presenter 1985) at Allsång På Skansen. All these years, he has written music for many artists including Sanna Nielsen (Sweden 2014). His writing talent doesn’t stop here. He has composed music for the well-known American TV series Empire too.

John debuted in Melodifestivalen – Sweden’s national final – in 2018 with the song “My Turn” and finished third in the final. In 2019, he won the whole event, receiving the most points by all the international juries. His song “Too Late For Love”, is of course co-composed by him. Except for the Swedish entry, John was also one of the composers of that year’s United Kingdom’s entry “Bigger Than Us.” At the contest, John placed 2nd in the jury voting and 5th after all with 334 points.

In 2020, John co-composed the French song for Eurovision, before the contest’s cancellation. The same year, he also won the Swedsih version of ”Let’s Dance”. His first EP, titled “My Turn” was released in 2019.

What do you think about the EP? What do you think about the artist? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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