ESC 2022: Germany Will Select Its Entry Through A National Final!


Germany’s broadcaster announced that its national final “Unser Lied” will return in order to select its 2022 entry for Eurovision.

An internal jury will select the 5 artists that will sing on the live final, which is expected to be broadcasted in March. The winner of the national final will be decided by a televoting. In a few days applicants will be able to send their songs to the German public television.

“Unser Lied” Format

“Unser Lied” (translation: “Our Song”) format was first used in 2010 and managed to select Eurovision’s winner Lena. Since then it has been used either for selecting the whole German entry or just the song for an internally selected artist (2011). Between 2019 and 2021 the country selected its entry through an internal selection, but now the national final is back.

In 2018, Michael Schulte won the “Unser Lied” and placed 4th in the final of the contest!

It is noteworthy, that the specific format has produced 4 Top-10 entries in its 9 times it was used, but also two last places. In 2019, the country managed to place second form the bottom, but with zero points from the televoting. This year’s version is named “Unser Lied for Turin”.

In 2019 was the last time that the national final was used.

What do you think about the return of the German national selection? Do you believe that country will manage to find a successful entry? Let us know in the comment box below!

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