Clara Klingenström Released New Single “Se mig, bara se mig”!

Clara Klingenström released her new single “Se mig, bara se mig”, which means “See me, just se me”. The song is composed by Clara Klingenström, David Lindgren Zacharias, Beatrice Jaksch and Gabriel Pettersson. The song has that “feel good” vibes, that are going to give you a smile for the rest of the day! (At least that happened to me since I listened to it 😊)

Clara Klingenström

Emma Clara Idun Klingenström is a Swedish singer and songwriter that was born on February 21 1995, in Visby, Sweden. In 2010, she tried to compete in Melodifestivalen 2011, by competing in the web wild card round. In 2012, she entered the radio competition P4 Nästa. In 2019, she released two singles and three more in 2020. Earlier this year, she competed in Melodifestivalen and managed to place 5th in the final. Her song “Behöver Inte Dig Idag” reached the 3rd place in the Swedish charts and was certified gold.

What do you think about the single? What do you think about the artist? Write your thoughts in the comment box below.

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