Eesti Laul 2022: The 10 Artists Of 4th Quarter-Final!

ERR, the Estonian public television, revealed the 10 entries of the upcoming quarterfinal of Eesti Laul.

A total of 202 songs were received (approximately 50 more songs than last year) and a 17-member jury selected the 40 songs that will appear on the show. This year, Eesti Laul saw the addition of a Quarterfinal round, the second of which will took place last Saturday.

The 10 participants are:

  • Ariadne – Shouldn’t Be Friends
  • Black Velvet – Sandra
  • Dramanda – Tule minu sisse
  • Eleryn Tiit – Tunnete keel
  • ELYSA – Fire
  • EMILI J. – Quicksilver
  • Jessica – My Mom
  • Minimal Wind feat. elisabeth tiffany – What To Make Of This
  • Ott Lepland –Aovalguses
  • Púr Múdd & Shira – Golden Shores

This quarterfinal consists of 7 English songs and 3 Estonian. Generally, this is a surprising quarterfinal. Many former Eesti Laul participants return: Ariadne, ELYSA and EMILY J. Shina, who participated in the previous quarterfinal, competes also in this. It is noteworthy that she was eliminated last week. Ott Lepland (Estonia 2012) and last week’s co-presenter of the show is competing in the upcoming show!

As usual, to former Estonian Eurovision participants will host the last quarterfinal. Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia 2016) and Getter Jaani (Estonia 2011)


What do you think about the artists so far? Are you excited about the names that were announced? Are you going to watch the show this Saturday? Let us know in the comment box below!

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