25 Days of ESChristmas 2021 – Day 7!

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner and we are here to keep you company in these cold days. Every day will post a Christmas song that somehow is Eurovision related. The songs will be both covers and originals.


Malou Prytz – Wishlist

Our next Christmas song for this year is from Malou Prytz. Malou represented Sweden and she has participated twice in the Swedish national final. Her Christmas song is her latest release!

Malou Prytz

Malou Trasthe Prytz was born on March 6, 2003 in Småland, Sweden. She is a Swedish singer that started her career in late 2018, when she was announced as a participant of the 2019 edition of Melodifestivalen. At the Swedish show, she sang the song “I Do Me” and qualified directly to the final, where she placed 12th in the final. However, the song reached the 10th place in the Swedish charts. The following year, she competed again, this time with the song “Ballerina”. Her entry reached the second chance round, but didn’t make it to the final. Her first EP was release in 2019 by Warner Music. It’s official Malou will take part in the upcoming Swedish national final!

Do you listen to Malou’s music? Do you like “Wishlist”? Let us know in the comments box below.

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