Una Voce Per San Marino 2022: Changes On The Participants’ List!

Photo By: http://www.unavocepersanmarino.com

The names of the artists that will audition for the “Emerging Act” of the newly Sanmarinese national final was revealed a couple of weeks ago. Now, some changes have been announced!

From the originally 84 competing artists, 15 have pulled out and have been added 17 new names, bringing up now the number of contestants to 87.

The withdrawn acts are:

  • Jacob Simpson
  • March. & Kiera Chaplin
  • Jessica Anne Condon
  • Hayley Foster
  • Tothem
  • Charles Onyeabor
  • Laura Maria Giuliani
  • Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F
  • Ylva & Linda
  • Lance Soliman
  • Alessandro Iannone
  • Cassidy Civet
  • Fulvio Vasarri
  • Derek Conyer
  • Marta Mormone

The new contestants:

  • Anna Turrei
  • Annalaura Princiotto
  • Federico Baroni
  • Procioney
  • Gabriele Cavalera
  • Leonardo Frezzotti
  • Santi Clarity
  • Fabienne Jacquemod
  • Jetem
  • Aurora Carrus
  • Alessia Valentina Nicotra
  • Muriel
  • Juliana Davis
  • No Longer Player
  • Raimondo Cataldo
  • Jeezus
  • Ottobre Rosso

For the list of the participants click here!

The casting, which will be three days longs, is set to take place between 13 and 15 of December!

For more information regarding the national final click here!

What do you think about the national final? What do you think about the artists? Let us know in the comment box below!

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