JESC 2021: Running Order Revealed!

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The running order of the upcoming Junior Eurovision was revealed! Germany opens the show and Portugal closes!

The running order was determined by the production team with the exception of the countries who would open and close the show. These countries were selected through an allocation draw, along with the position of France – host country.

Running Order

  1. Germany
  2. Georgia
  3. Poland
  4. Malta
  5. Italy
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Russia
  8. Ireland
  9. Armenia
  10. Kazakhstan
  11. Albania
  12. Ukraine
  13. France
  14. Azerbaijan
  15. The Netherlands
  16. Spain
  17. Serbia
  18. North Macedonia
  19. Portugal


The online voting will open this Friday and will close a few moments before the show on Sunday. Everyone can vote on this voting and you can even vote for your country. That is the first phase of the voting procedure. The second one will begin right after the performance of the last song – Portugal’s entry. People will have 15 more minutes to vote again!

Here is a recap of all the participating entries:

What do you think about the running order? What do you think about the voting procedure? Let us know in the comment box below!

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