ESC 2022: We Are Domi Wins ESCZ!


The second song for 2022 has been announced!

Czech Republic used a national final for the selection of its 2022 entry. Fans all over the world were able to vote via the official application of Eurovision. Moreover, former Eurovision participants voting along with the Czech audience. After all, We Are Domi won ESCZ with “Lights Off” receiving 21 points.


The results are:

  1. We Are Domi – 21 points
  2. Elis Mraz – 17 points
  3. Giudi – 15 points
  4. Emma Smetana x Jordan Harz – 12 points
  5. Skywalker – 12 points
  6. Annabelle – 11 points
  7. The Valentines – 6 points

It is noteworthy that Elis Mraz placed for the second time – after 2020 – second at ESCZ. Furthermore, We Are Domi won both in the international voting and the jury voting, but placed 4th in the domestic voting.

Czech Republic in ESC 2021

Benny Cristo won the national final in 2020 and was going to represent Czech republic at Eurovision with “Kemama”. After the contest’s cancellation, Benny was internally selected for 2021. His song “Omaga” placed 15th with 27 points – all of which were received by the jury voting.

What do you think about the selected artists? What do you think about the selected song? Let us know in the comment box below!

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