Melodi Grand Prix 2022: Hosts Announced!

Photo By: NRK

NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster, announced the three hosts of this year’s national final.

Annika Momrak, Mikkel Niva and Kåre Magnus Bergh will be Melodi Grand Prix’s presenters this year. Kåre Magnus Bergh is a MGP veteran having hosted the national final seven times in the past! Annika Momrak and Mikkel Niiva are more related with MGPjr, with the first winning the 2013 edition of the show.

Melodi Grand Prix 2022

This year, the Norwegian national final, Melodi Grand Prix, celebrates its 62nd anniversary.

Like 2020 and 2021, this year the show will consist of six shows – five semifinals and a final. In every semifinal, four songs will duel, the winner of each will qualify for the final. In addition to that five songs – one from each semi – six songs will be pre-qualified. A jury will select these six entries. Like 2021, there will also be a second chance. The Norwegian public will decide through internet voting one last entry that will qualify for the final out of the 15 entries that haven’t already qualified. Thus a 12 artists’ final will take place on 19 February 2022.

Every Monday, before each semifinal, NRK will be revealing the names of that specific week’s contestants. The competing songs will be released online every Friday. One of the pre-qualified songs will be presented in every semifinal. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, no audience will be allowed in the live shows.


What do you think about the hosts? Do you like them? Let us know in the comment box below!

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