MGP 2022: Guide for the 1st Semifinal!

Photo By: NRK

This Saturday, the first semifinal of the Norwegian national final will kick off.

The first four songs will compete in order to win one ticket for the final.

How it works

On each semifinal, the four competing entries allocating in two duels. The winner of each duel will continue to the second phase of the show. The remaining two will once again sing their songs and a new voting will determinate the winner. Only one will be qualified to the the final. Although, the three non qualified entires will still be able to hope for qualification at the Second chance round.

The Norwegian national final this year will consist of four semifinals and one second chance show. At each semifinal – including the second chance round – a prequalified to the final artist will present its entry. A total of 10 entries will compete in the final.

Eline Noelia – Ecstasy

Eline Noelia Myreng was born in Tønsberg. She is 22 years old and initially her music was Christian pop before moving into regular pop. She has studied music and this year will debut at MGP.

Frode Vassel – Black Flowers

Frode Vassel was born in Bergen but he has lived for years in Oslo. In 2021, he competed in the Norwegian version of the voice. In the past he has also been a backing vocalist in three Norwegian entries (2017, 2018, 2019).

Mira Craig – We Still Here

Mira Craig was born in Oslo. she is 39 years old and is an established singer and songwriter. She has collaborated with well known artists such as Snoop Dogg. In 2008, her song “Hold On Be Strong” was performed by Maria Haukas Mittet at Eurovision, representing Norway. The entry placed 5th at the final. The song had been composed solely by Mira Craig, at the age of 15. She currently works on her new album.

Trollfest – Dance Like A Pink Flamingo

Trollfest is an 8-member band from Oslo. The folk metal band dates back to 2003 and has a rich discography of 8 studio albums.

Elsie Bay – Death Of Us

On the first semifinal, Elsie Bay – one of the prequalified acts – will present her songs!

Elsie Bay is the stage name of Elsa Søllesvik a 25-year-old singer and songwriter from Haugesund. She rose to fame as part of the duo Elsie & Emilie. In 2021, she co-composed “Witch Woods” for MGP. This year, except of her entry “Death Of Us”, she has also co-compose “Hammer Of Thor” (will compete in the third semifinal).

The semifinal will be live at 19:50 CET this Saturday and you can watch it here: NRK!

You can listen to all the MGP entries here:

Are you going to watch the first semifinal this Saturday? What do you think about the participants? What do you think about the songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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