Spain 2022: Luna Ki Withdraws From Benidorm Fest 2022!

Photo By: RTVE

Some news regarding the Spanish national final which begins this Wednesday!

Spain this year will hold a national final titled Benidorm Fest in order to find its next Eurovision participant. In the two semifinals, seven entries will battle for the four tickets of the final. Luna Ki one of the 1st Semifinal entries was announced today that she withdraw from the contest. The reasoned for her withdrawal is the fact that the artist uses autotune during her performance, something that is against the Eurovision rules.

Now, the 1st semifinal will consist of 6 acts as follows:

  1. Varry Brava – “Raffaella”
  2.  Azúcar Moreno – “Postureo”
  3. Blanca Paloma – “Secreto de Agua”
  4.  Unique – “Mejores”
  5.  Tanxugueiras – “Terra”
  6.  Chanel – “Slo mo”

Wha do you think about this change? What do you think about Benidorm Fest? Let us know in the comments below!

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