Spain 2022: Benidorm Fest – Guide For 1st Semifinal!


Benidorm Fest 2022, the new Spanish national final, is just around the corner. In the following post we are going to present you a short guide for the 1st semifinal.

2. Varry Brava – Raffaella

Varry Brava is an pop group created in Alicane in 2009. The groups consists of 3 members: Oscar Ferrer (vocal), Aarön Saez (keyboards) and Vicente Illescas (guitar). Their first album was released in 2012, whilst their fifth came out in 2020.

3. Azúcar Moreno – Postureo

Azúcar Moreno is a Spanish duo that consists of sisters Toñi and Encarna Salazar. The duo was formed in 1984 and is still active. Their sales in Spain are more than 3 million and they have sold more than 12 million albums worldwide. The two sisters have a strong LGBT following. In 1990, Spain selected Azúcar Moreno and their song “Bandido”, which means “Bandit” to sent in Zagreb. At the final, the duo placed 5th with 96 points.

4. Blanca Paloma – Secreto de agua
5. Unique – Mejores
6. Tanxugueiras – Terra

Tanxugueiras is a trio that was formed in 2016. The trio consists Aida Tarrío and twin sisters Olaia and Sabela Maneiro. All the artists are of Galician descent.

7. Chanel – SloMo

The first semifinal of Benidorm Fest 2022 will go live on February 26 at 22:40 CET on La1!

Below you can listen to all Benidorm Fest’s songs!

Who do you think will qualify for the final? What do you think about the participants? Let us know in comments below!

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