JESC 2021: Viewership Of The Contest Revealed!

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EBU announced the viewing figures of JESC 2021!

This year, the Junior Eurovision recorded approximately 33 million viewers. That’s the highest viewership the contest had since 2011. This number comes after counting the viewership in the televised broadcasting and the viewership at the official YouTube channel.

In addition to that, the viewership share in the majority of the stations that JESC was broadcasted on, was above the usual average of the given timeslot. Moreover, the contest achieved a 43% share in Armenia – the country that won – and an interesting 96% in Iceland. We remind you that Iceland has never participated in JESC, but this year there was a coverage of the show.


What do you think about the figures? What do you think about JESC 2021? Let us know in the comments below!


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