ESC 2022: Songs Of National Final Revealed!

Photo By: Reshet 13

A few moments ago, the potential songs of each finalist were released!

Israel in 2022 will select its entry with the help of “X-Factor” Israel!

The finalists of Israeli “X-Factor” will be given two songs. After a special show one song will be selected for each. The special show will take place on February 3. The result will be decided by a combination of jury voting, televoting and a professional committee. The winner of “X-Factor” will represent the country along with the selected entry. The final of the show is scheduled for February 5.


Eli Huli – Blinded Dreamers
Eli Huli – Nostalgia
Inbal Bibi – Marionette
Inbal Bibi – Zaza
Michael Ben David – Don’t
Michael Ben David – I.M
Sapir Saban – Breaking My Own Walls
Sapir Saban – Head Up

What do you think about the finalists? Are you excited to hear the 8 potential Eurovision songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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