Lithuania 2022: Pabandom iš Naujo! 2022 – Guide For 2nd Semifinal!

This Saturday, the 2nd semifinal of the Lithuanian national final will take place. Here is a quick guide for the show.

1. Mary Mo – Get Up

Mary Mo is currently working on her album, but in the meantime she will participate at the new national final. Her song is titled “Get Up”.

2. Vilija – 101

Vilija Matačiūnaitė won the national final in 2014. Her song “Attention” went at Eurovision in Copenhagen, but it was eliminated in the semifinals. In 2017 and 2021 she competed again in the Lithuanian national final in order to represent her country but she didn’t win.

3. Urtė Šilagalytė – Running Chords

Urtė Šilagalytė is not new to the contest. In 2010, she competing in the national final, but was eliminated in the semifinals. The following year, she competed again, this time reaching the final. This year, her song “Running Chords” is composed byJustas Kulikauskas and Aurimas Galvelis.

4. Ieva Zasimauskaitė – I’ll Be There

Ieva Zasimauskaitė is a former Eurovision participant. She represented Lithuania at Eurovision back in 2018 with the song “When We’re Old”. The song reached the 12th place at the final of the contest. Prior to her Eurovision participation, she competed five times in the national final of Lithuania and as a backing vocalist in the Lithuanian entry at Junior Eurovision in 2007. In 2012, she reached the 3rd place at the first Lithuanian version of The Voice.

5. Augustė – Before You’re 6ft Under

Another debutant in the national final. Augustė is currently focused in her national final performance.

6. Rūta Loop – Call Me From The Cold

Rūta Loop debuted at Pabandom Iš Naujo in 2020. The song “We came from the sun” managed to place 4th in the final.

7. Titas ir Benas – Getting Through This

Titas ir Benas is a musical duo. The two artists debuted last year at the NF with their song “No”. Their entry managed to get to the final, where it placed last. This year, their song is titled “Getting Through This”.

8. Monika Liu – Sentimentai

The Lithuanian artist will compete this year at the national final. Her entry “Sentimentai” is composed by herself.

9. Moosu X – Love That Hurts

Moosu X is a duo that consists of Justas Kulikauskas and Aurimas Galvelis. They have collaborated with fellow Pabandom Iš Naujo participants Gabrea and Urtė Šilagalytė. Their song “Love That Hurts” is composed by Justas Kulikauskas and Aurimas Galvelis.

The show will start at 20:00 CET this Saturday and you can watch it here: LRT Web-player!

You can listen to all the available Pabandom Iš Naujo 2022 songs here:

What do you think about the artists? What do you think about the songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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