MGP 2022: Results Of The 1st Phase Of Second Chance!

Photo By: NRK

Tonight, the 1st phase of the second chance of the Norwegian national final took place.

The 12 non-qualified entries of the previous four semifinals entered a voting with four of them getting a ticket for the second phase of the Second Chance, which will take place this Saturday!

How it works

On each semifinal, the four competing entries allocating in two duels. The winner of each duel will continue to the second phase of the show. The remaining two will once again sing their songs and a new voting will determinate the winner. Only one will be qualified to the the final. Although, the three non qualified entires will still be able to hope for qualification at the Second chance round.

The Norwegian national final this year will consist of four semifinals and one second chance show. At each semifinal – including the second chance round – a prequalified to the final artist will present its entry. A total of 10 entries will compete in the final.

The 12 non-qualified songs will entered an initial voting. Four of those entries will enter the show of the upcoming Saturday. The 4 songs of the 2nd phase of the second chance will be allocated into two duels like the previous semifinals.

The 4 Qualifiers

  • TrollfesT – Dance Like A Pink Flamingo
  • Mari Bølla – Your Loss
  • Kim Wigaard – La Melodia
  • Maria Mohn – Fly

You can listen to all the MGP entries here:

What do you think about the results? Which performance was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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