Ellen Benediktson Released New Single “Ingen Ängel”!

Ellen Benediktson released her new single “Ingen Ängel”. The song is composed by David Fremberg and Ellen Benediktson.

Ellen Benediktson

Elen Benediktson was born on April 25, 1995 in Malmö, Sweden. She made her first musical steps in 2013. During the Eurovision of 2013, which was held in her home Malmö, she was the stand-in singer for the French song.

Her Melodifestivalen entry, the next year was her debut single. She released a new single, a couple of months later. In 2015, she took again part in Melodifestivalen with the song “Insomnia”. Sadly, the song didn’t have the same success as the previous year. She finished 5th in her semi. Her song reached the number 88th on the national charts.

Since 2016 she has released 2 singles under the pseudonym Laura Nox.

In 2020, she competed in Melodifestivalen along with Simon Peyron. Their song “Surface” made it to the second chance of the nation final.

What do you think about the song? Are you going to listen to it through the weekend? Write your thoughts in the comments below!

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