Germany 2022: NDR Released Statement About Eskimo Callboy!

Photo By: Artists’ Official Facebook Page

NDR released statement about Eskimo Callboy!

Eskimo Callboy is a German Band. Last December the band released their new single “Pump It”. The song gained recognition in the country especially by Eurovision fans. Thus the band decided to apply to the national final.

However, Eskimo Callboy weren’t among the participants of “Germany 12 Points” that were announced last week! Many Eurofans reacted to the absence of the band from the final of the show and currently there is a petition with almost 80.000 signatures that demands the band to join the national final (find the petition here).

Furthermore, the band on a video it uploaded, stated that they weren’t selected because the song was very “radio-friendly”.

ESC Kompakt, a german-language Eurovision blog asked NDR – the German public broadcaster – to comment on the event and here is what the broadcaster responded:

From the 944 applications, 26 were shortlisted and presented their entries in front of the German ESC-Jury in Berlin. Among those entries were also the band “Eskimo Callboy”. After discussions for the pros and cons, the Jury decided from the 26, the 6 artists for the ARD’s ESC-day. It is a competition with a Jury-selection, something that the applicants new in advance.

However we take the criticism serious. The initiators of the petition, who want the band “Eskimo Callboy” to be nominated, I want to invite them in a personal exchange about the ESC selection process and the future. The same for the Eurovision fan clubs – I would also like to have a conversation with them.

And now let’s do all we can to support the six artists who are competing for the ESC ticket!

Andreas Gerling, head of the ARD team for ESC. The text was translated from German.

Andreas Gerling didn’t leave space for speculators to believe that the band could manage to get a wild card for the national final.

You can listen to Eskimo Callboy’s song “Pump It” below!

The Entries

By clicking on each songs title you can watch the music video of each song.

The final of the show will be broadcasted on March 4. Until then you can listen to all the German entries on our playlist below!

Source: ESC Kompakt

What do you think about the statement? What do you think about the band? Let us know in the comments below!

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