Ukraine 2022: Vidbir – Kalush Orchestra Accused Organisers Of Fraud!

Kalush Orchestra accused the organisers of Vidbir 2022 of fraud!

Ukraine held a national final in order to select its next Eurovision artist. Its national final Vidbir returned for the 6th time this year. The winner was determined by a combination of jury voting and televoting.

Alina Pash was the winner of the show getting the maximum 8 points from the jury and 7 points from the public. Kalush Orchestra came 2nd getting the 8 points from the public, but only 6 points from the jury. Kalush Orchestra didn’t just feel bitter about missing Eurovision for 1 point and accused the organisers for fraud. A series of events led the band in that conclusion.

During the final, the jury members were the first who present their points. After that it was time for the televoting results. However, Timur – one of the presenters – seemed a bit confused and even the scoreboard didn’t work.

That was enough for the Kalush Orchestra to ask for the full results. Nevertheless, the organisers didn’t allow them to see them! As the band stated, the door was closed and a security guard held it close.

Yaroslav Lodygin, UA:PBC board member and member of Jury, stated that Timur was confused because he received an editorial error in reading a document where there were many numbers and numbers and that there wasn’t any interference with the results.

Kalush Orchestra are strongly believe about the fraud and they are going to file a suit against the organisers.

We remind you that according to the rules of the national final, if two entries get the same amount of points, then the entry with more points from the public wins.

You can listen to all the competing entries on our playlist!

Source: Ukrainian Public Broadcaster

What do you think about the accusation? What do you think about the national final? Let us know in the comments below!

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