Ukraine 2022: Vidbir – Alina Pash Withdraws From Contest!

A new controversy surrounding the Ukrainian national final has came into the public’s attention.

A new problem has been surfaced. Alina Pash – the winner of the show – is accused of entering Crimea after the 2014 Russian-Ukrainian events.

Since the controversy with Maruv back in 2019 – read more here -, when Ukraine withdrew from Eurovision, a new rule has been introduced in the national final. All Vidbir artists are not allowed to have performed in Russia since 2014 or had entered Crimea. According to activist and blogger Serhii Sternenko, Alina Pash entered Crimea in 2015 and alternate her papers in order to perform in Vidbir.

It was revealed that Alina Pash’s documents that provided to the broadcaster wasn’t issued by the State Guard. Moreover, there has been confirmed that a request to cross the border had been made by the artist. The results of the investigation will be provided to the broadcaster on February 16th at 10:00 CET.

Yesterday, BBC reported that Alina has been suspended from the contest!

Now, Alina Pash post an Instagram post saying that she withdraws from the contest.

Earlier in the morning she post the following video with the following message:

As promised, the first thing we did was to find out the circumstances within the team that gave rise to the SBGS spokesman’s statement about the illegitimate certificate.

It turned out that while we were waiting for an official response to my request from the Border Guard, a member of my team tried to find this information as soon as possible and chose the wrong path that I or any of us would agree on.

What did I see? Help. It looks official. It contained the real dates of entry into the temporarily occupied Crimea, correctly indicated by the Chaplynka checkpoint, through which I crossed the administrative border.

No one on the team had reason to believe that the certificate was not valid.

Exactly how and from where a member of our team could obtain the document provided to the Public is currently unknown.

If the information provided by a member of our team to the Public Broadcaster is forged or false, law enforcement and the court must draw their own conclusions. For our part, we are ready to help establish the truth.

On behalf of my project, I want to apologize to Ukrainians, to the Public Broadcaster, to everyone who observes this negative noise around me. It is a pity to realize that such heavy and unpleasant sticks are pushed into the wheels.

I understand that a person from my team was driven by the desire to help, but this kind of help is unacceptable.

I am a citizen of Ukraine, I follow the laws, support traditions, bring Ukraine into the world!

For me, dignity and honor are much more important than winning any competition

Today I am breaking off relations with my director, this is already being done by lawyers.

I received an answer to my own request to the SBGS today at 11:00. Currently a reference from the Public Broadcaster. To be continued…

Translated from Ukrainian

A moments ago a second post was posted, stating that she withdraws!

I am a citizen of Ukraine, I follow the laws of Ukraine, I try to bring the traditions and values ​​of Ukraine to the world.

What this story turned out to be is not at all what I put into my song.

I am an artist, not a politician. I do not have an army of PR people, managers, lawyers to resist all this attack and pressure, the break-in of my social networks; threats. And also absolutely unacceptable wording that people allow themselves without understanding the situation and forgetting about the dignity of every citizen of Ukraine

I don’t want this virtual war and hatred. The main war now is an external one, which came to my country in 2014.

I don’t want to be in this dirty story anymore. With a heavy heart I withdraw my candidacy as the representative of Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately. I’m really sorry.

We will contact the Public Broadcaster and sign all the necessary documents.

Separately, I want to thank everyone who supports and helps me, who hears my song and important message, not gossip about me. Thanks!

We have a story going on with you, and we have to decide what it will be ❤️

Let’s unite! Now it is more important than ever!


Translated from Ukrainian

It is still unknown what the Broadcaster will do next. Will they withdraw from the contest or will they select another entry?

Source: Artist’s Official Instagram Account

What do you think about the development? What do you think about the national final? Let us know in the comments below!

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