ESC 2022: More Countries Oppose To Russia’s Participation!

Photo By: / EBU

The Russian invasion to Ukraine have many wonder if the eligibility of Russia to the Eurovision.

The Ukrainian public broadcaster actually asked the EBU for suspending Russia from the contest. However, EBU stated that the contest is a non-political event. The contest’s goal is for countries should unite with through the power of music. Therefore, Russia will not be suspended.

“The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political cultural event that unites countries and celebrates differences through music. EBU members in both Russia and Ukraine have committed to participating in this year’s event in Turin and we intend to welcome and let artists from both countries participate in May. Of course, we continue to follow developments closely.”


More countries has already expressed their disagreement with Russia’s participation to the contest. Currently, the following public broadcasters have public spoken about their opinion:

  • AVROTROS – The Netherlands
  • DR – Denmark
  • ERR – Estonia*
  • NRK – Norway
  • RÚV – Iceland
  • Suspilne – Ukraine – Has also called for Russian broadcasters to be suspended from the EBU
  • SVT – Sweden
  • YLE – Finland*

Moreover, the Latvian participants Citi Zēni express their opinion about Russia to be excluded from the contest.

*Finland and Estonia not only support the withdrawal of Russia from the contest, but if Russia takes part at the contest, YLE and ERR will withdraw from the contest.

What do you think about the situation? Do you believe EBU should reconsider its decision? Let us know in the comments below!


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