ESC 2022: Baltic States Ask For Suspension Of Russia From EBU!

Photo By: / EBU

EBU, yesterday, has withdrawn Russia from the Eurovision, after Russia’s invasion to Ukraine.

Despite of EBU stating earlier on Wednesday that Russia will be eligible to compete in Eurovision, on Friday, following the pressure of several European public broadcasters, EBU removed Russia from the list of the participating countries. Now, the list of broadcasters across the Europe that demand the suspension of Russian broadcasters from EBU is getting bigger.

Up to yesterday evening, three broadcaster, those from Ukraine, the Netherlands and Poland demanded the three full members of EBU from Russia to kicked out from the union. Now, the three Baltic nations, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are added to the list that want this suspension!


What do you think about the situation? Do you believe more countries will demand the Russian suspension? Let us know in the comments below!


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