Sweden 2022: Melodifestivalen – The Running Order Of The Final Announced!

Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national final, is back!

A couple of minutedLast Saturday, the 5th semifinal of Melodifestivalen came to an end. The last four entries qualified for the final. Now, the organisers of the contest released the running order of next week’s final!

  1. Klara Hammarström – Run To The Hills
  2. Theoz – “Som du vill”
  3. Anna Bergendahl – “Higher Power”
  4. John Lundvik – Änglavakt
  5. Tone Sekelius – “My Way” 
  6. Anders Bagge – Bigger Than The Universe
  7. Robin Bengtsson – Innocent Love
  8. Faith Kakembo – Freedom
  9. LIAMOO – Blufin
  10. Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer
  11. Cazzi Opeia – “I Can’t Get Enough”
  12. Medina – In I Diman

You can listen to all the Melodifestivalen entries on our playlist below!

What do you think about the running order? What do you think about the national final? Let us know in the comments below!


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