ESC 2022: Rosa Linn Will Represent Armenia!

Photo By: Armenian Public TV’s Official Twitter Account

Armenia selected its next Eurovision artist.

After months of speculations and just days before the Head of Delegation’s meeting, Armenia confirmed its next Eurovision representative. Rosa Linn will travel the Armenian flag in Turin. Rosa Linn is an Armenian singer, songwriter and producer. Her entry will be released on March 19.

Many fans, however, believed that 2020 Armenian representative Athena Manoukian would represent the country. Due to the Pandemic Athena Manoukian didn’t get the chance to sing at the Eurovision stage.

Armenia In Eurovision 2020

In 2020, Armenia was going to be represented by Athena Manoukian and her song “Chains On You”. The entry didn’t manage to get to the Eurovision stage, after the cancelation of the contest due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Source: Armenian Public TV’s Official Twitter Account

What do you think about the artist? Are you excited to listen to Armenia’s entry? Write your thoughts in the comments below!

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