Purple Disco Machine feat. Agnes Released Music Video Of “Twisted Mind”!

Purple Disco Machine feat. Agnes collaborated in a new single “Twisted Mind”, which was released last week. The song is composed by Agnes, Kerstin Ljungström, Maria Hazell and Tina Schmidt. The official music video has just been released!


Agnes Emilia Carlson or simply Agnes was born on March 6, 1988 in Vänersborg, Sweden. She is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Her career began in 2005, where she won the 2nd season of the Swedish version of Idol. Sixteen years later and Agnes has became one of the most prominent Swedish artists. She has released 5 studio albums – all charted in Sweden -1 Ep and 20 singles. Her latest studio albums was released last autumn and was the first since 2012.

Agnes has also taken part in Melodifestivalen. In 2009, she competed in the Swedish national final for the first – and until today only – time. Her song “Love Love Love” placed 8th out of 11 in the final.

Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine is the stage name of German DJ Tino Piontek-Schmidt. In 1996, he started producing music. Today, he has released many EPs, two studio albums – plus one new version of his latest studio album – and many singles. A number of his song has been charted in different markets, especially “Hypnotized” which was certified gold and platinum in a number of European countries.

Who do you think about the single? What do you think about the artists? Write your thoughts in the comment’s below!

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