Sweden 2022: Melodifestivalen – Tonight The Final!

Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national final, is back!

Throughout the first four semifinals the two songs that placed at the top of the voting managed to qualify for the final. Last week, the fifth semifinal took place – former second chance round. The songs that placed 2nd and 3rd during the second phase of the voting of the semifinals get a second chance to qualify for the final. during the last show. Eventually, four more songs qualified for tonight’s final.

Here is a quick guide for the show:

1. Klara Hammarström – Run to the Hills

Klara Lovisa Hammarström was born on April 20, 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a bronze European athlete in horse riding. Her family appeared at the television show “Familjen Hammarström”. More recently, she has focused on her musical career. In 2020, she debuted at Melodifestivalen with her song “Nobody”. Her entry didn’t reach the final and was eliminated in her semifinal. The following year, she competed again. Her entry “Beat Of Broken Hearts” this time reached the final and placed 6th. The song also managed to reach the 10th place in the Swedish charts.

2. Theoz – Som Du Vill

Theoz debuted this year at Mello. He is a young Swedish singer. He was born in July 16, 2005, in Linköping, Sweden.

3. Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power

Anna Bergendahl was born on 11 December 1991, in Stockholm, Sweden. Her full name is Anna Henrietta Bergendahl. In 2008, she competed in the Swedish version of Idol where she placed 5th. She made her debut to Melodifestivalen in 2010, with the song “This Is My Life”. The song won and therefore she represented Sweden to Eurovision. That was the first a ballad won since 1998. Sadly, she didn’t manage to qualify to the grand final of Eurovision – the only Swedish entry to do so. In 2019, she came back to the contest. Her song “Ashes To Ashes” finished 10th. Later, in Summer she released her single “Home”. In 2020, she took part for the third time in the national final. She has released a total of two studio albums and four EPs.

4. John Lundvik – Änglavakt

John Lundvik was born on January 27, 1983, in London, England. He was adopted when he was just 1 week old, by Swedish that lived in England. He has never met his biological parents. John lived in England till the age of 6, when he moved with his parents to Växjö, Sweden.

Before he succeeded in the music world, he was a sprinter. In 2005 he won a bronze medal in the Swedish Championship.

His musical breakthrough came in 2010 when he composed a song for the Swedish Royal Wedding. In 2016, he composed and performed the Swedish song for the Olympic Games in Rio. The same year, he also performed a duet alongside with Lill Lindfors (Sweden 1966, ESC presenter 1985) at Allsång På Skansen. All these years, he has written music for many artists including Sanna Nielsen (Sweden 2014). His writing talent doesn’t stop here. He has composed music for the well-known American TV series Empire too.

John debuted in Melodifestivalen – Sweden’s national final – in 2018 with the song “My Turn” and finished third in the final. In 2019, he won the whole event, receiving the most points by all the international juries. His song “Too Late For Love”, is of course co-composed by him. Except for the Swedish entry, John was also one of the composers of that year’s United Kingdom’s entry “Bigger Than Us.” At the contest, John placed 2nd in the jury voting and 5th after all with 334 points.

In 2020, John co-composed the French song for Eurovision, before the contest’s cancellation. The same year, he also won the Swedsih version of ”Let’s Dance”. His first EP, titled “My Turn” was released in 2019.

5. Tone Sekelius – My Way

Tone Sekelius is a trans woman that was born July 16, 1997 in Växjö, Sweden. She is known for his Make-up videos that she posts. In 2017, she released her debut single and this year she participated for the first time in Melodifestivalen.

6. Anders Bagge – Bigger Than the Universe

Anders Bagge was born on January 16, 1968, in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an established singer and songwriter. He has compose songs for international artists like Janet Jackson, Celine Dion and Madonna. In 2010, he produced the Azeri entry for Eurovision and in 2012 he co-compose the Azeri entry.

7. Robin Bengtsson – Innocent Love

Robin Bengtsson was born on April 27, 1990 in Svenljunga, Sweden. In 2008, he participated in the Swedish version of Idol, placing 3rd. In 2016, he took part in Melodifestivalen with the song “Constellation Prize” and placed 5th. The following year, he took part again and won the national final with the song “I Can’t Go On”. He went to Eurovision and placed 5th in the final. In 2020, he returned to Mello, with the song “Take A Chance” and placed 8th in the final. In 2019, he competed in the Swedish version of “Strictly come dancing”. His parter at the show was Sigrid Bernson and they placed 5th. Robin has released one EP and 26 singles.

8. Faith Kakembo – Freedom

Faith debuted in 2020 to the contest. She is mostly known from her participation to the radio competition P4 Nästa that year, where she finished third. Her song “Crying Rivers” placed 5th in her semi.


LIAMOO was born on 10 September 1997 in Göteborg, Sweden. His full name is Liam Cacatian Thomassen. In 2016, he competed in the twelfth season of Swedish Idol and won it. After his victory, he released his debut album which reached the 6th place on the Swedish charts and was certified Platinum. In 2018, he competed in Melodifestivalen with the song “My Last Breath” and placed 6th. In 2019, he competed again but this time he collaborated with Hanna Ferm. Their song, “Hold You”, placed 3rd!

10. Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer

Anna Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson or simply Cornelia Jakobs is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She was born on March 9, 1992, in Sweden. Her career started in 2008, when she competed in the Swedish version of Idol. She has in the past participated at Melodifestivalen as part of Love Generation both in 2011 and 2012. She remains part of the group, which now it is called “Stockholm Syndrome”.

11. Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough

Moa Anna Maria Carlebecker, better known professionally as Cazzi Opeia, she was bon on November 10, 1988, in Sweden. She is a singer, songwriter and DJ. Her career dates back in 2009 having released a number of singles and write many songs for other artists.

12. Medina – In i dimman

Medina is a Swedish hip-hop and rap duo that was formed in 2003. The duo consists of Sam-E and Alibi. The two artists are of Tunisian descent and their music is influenced by Arabic music. Sami Rekik along with WAHL took part in Melodifestivalen last year, but they were eliminated in the semifinals. The duo has released six studio albums, two of which entered the Swedish charts.

You can listen to all the Melodifestivalen entries on our playlist below!

What do you think about the running order? What do you think about the final? Let is know in the comments below!


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