ESC 2022: This Week’s Schedule! (14/03-20/03)

The National Final season for Eurovision 2022 has come to an end! Last Saturday, was the last Super-Saturday of the season. This week is the Eurovision deadline, where all the participating nations should reveal their entries. Here is a short guide with this week’s schedule:

Note: Shows may be added or removed!

Monday 14/03
  • Malta 2022: New Entry Released! (Malta 🇲🇹) ℹ️ 📺
  • Israel 2022: Revamped Version Of “I.M” Released! (Israel 🇮🇱) ℹ️ 📺
Tuesday 15/03

Wednesday 16/03

Thursday 17/03

Friday 18/03
  • Czech Republic 2022: Official Music Video Released! (Czech Republic 🇨🇿) ℹ️
Saturday 19/03
  • Armenia 2022: Song Released! (Armenia 🇦🇲) ℹ️
Sunday 20/03

Remaining entries to be released: Azerbaijan’s Song!

Which national finals will you watch? Which national final are you more excited for? Let us know in the comments below!


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