ESC 2022: Italy Will Perform 9th!

Photo By: Mahmood’s Official Facebook Page

Italy was drawn to perform 9th at the final of the contest.

The place, that the host nation performs at the final it is being selected randomly, prior to the contest. That is a way to be sure that the organisers will not benefit their own entry. The draw is completely random and this year happened during the Head of Delegations meeting.

Mahmood and Blanco will perform 9th at the final.

The duo won the Festival di Sanremo back in February and therefore gain the chance to represent Italy at the contest. Their entry “Brividi” is composed by Mahmood, Blanco and Michelangelo.

You can listen to all the available Eurovision entries on our playlist below!

What do you think about the place of the artists’? Will it has an impact to the results? Let us know in the comments below!

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