Emisha & Pasabordo Released New Single “El Que Pierde”!


Emisha and Pasabordo collaborated in their new single “El Que Pierde”. The song was composed by the same artists and produced between Colombia and Italy by the Colombian producer Dj Dever (Yandel, Sebastián Yatra, Nacho) and the Italian composing team Salento Guys (Max Pezzali, Shade, Benji & Fede).

“The one who loses reflects what is happening today in society. It highlights the characteristics of a person, who, because they feel desired and at the center of attention, loses the meaning of falling in love; the one who gives without receiving anything in return, if not rather social networks and sex, the new currency which leads you to hurt feelings without realizing it, or as in this case realizing actions that are believed to lead to the acceptance of others. That is to say, to believe that you are important and famous!”

Emisha about his song


Emisha is a talented artist from Colombia. He was born on August 6, 1985, in Cali, Colombia. His birth name Edier Gómez Fernandez. His stage name is a combination of his name and his childhood imaginary friend. Emisha moved to Europe and has collaborated with big Italians musicians like Mario Biondi and Roberta Granà. At a later point of his life, he moved to Switzerland and enter the urban band “J Nueve”. In 2017, the band won the “Best Latin Pop Act” at the Latin Music Awards in Italy. In 2020, he decided to continue his solo career. His single is released by URBANA LATIN and it is distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Italy.


Pasabordo is a Colombian Pop-Urban music duo that consists of Jhonatan and Gabo. The duo has a 10 year experience in the Latin market.

Their musical proposal is quite versatile, since they have fused their Pop voices with Urban rhythms, but always keeping their Popular essence.

Pasabordo has been a pioneer in merging their music with different artists such as: J Balvin, Maluma, Sebastian Yatra, Reykon, Nacho, Juan Magan, Joey Montana, Noriel, Valentino, Pipe Bueno, Alkilados, Dario Gomez, Fanny Louis, etc.

What do you think about the song? What do you think about the collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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