ESC 2022: Azerbaijan – Nadir Rustamli Released “Fade To Black”!

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Azerbaijan’s entry for Eurovision 2022 has just been released.

Azerbaijan announced that Nadir Rustamli has been announced as the country’s representative to Eurovision. Nadir will sing the song “Fade to Black”, which is composed by Andreas Stone, Anderz Wrethov, Sebastian Schub and Thomas Stengaard.

Azerbaijan In Eurovision 2021

In 2021, Azerbaijan was represented by Efendi and her song “Mata Hari”. The entry qualified for the final, where it placed 20th with 65 points.

Azerbaijan in Eurovision

The first attempt of the country to participate in the contest came in 2007 but was unsuccessful. AzTV wasn’t an active EBU member and therefore couldn’t be part. On July 2007, the newer public broadcaster iTV a.k.a. İctimai Television got a full membership. A year after the country debuted to the contest.

On their first attempt, the country was represented by Elnur and Samir with the song “Day After Day”, they qualified to the final where they finished 6th. The country has a very good qualification rate, having missed the final only one time in 2018.

Through its short Eurovision history, it has achieved the Top-5 five times, two times the 8th place and the one time it failed to qualify it finished eleventh on its semi. Its first win came at its fourth participation in 2011, with Ell and Nikki and their song “Running Scared”. That marks the first time since 1963 that a mixed-gender duo won the contest.

What do you think about the entry? What do you think about the song? Write your thoughts in the comments below!

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