ESC 2022: Ukraine Will Not Require To Film A Live-On-Tape Performance!


News regarding the Ukrainian participation!

RAI, this year’s host broadcaster, revealed that Ukraine will not be obliged to record a live-on-tape performance. Due to the ongoing situation, the organisers understand that the Ukrainian broadcaster can not provide the requirements for the back-up performance. In order to secure that Ukraine will participate in Eurovision 2022, the national performance of Kalush Orchestra will be used if it will be necessary.

We remind you that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order for the countries to be sure that will participate in the contest – despite any outbreaks in the delegations – the broadcasters must provide live-on-tape performances of their entries.

Despite of the back-up plan, the EBU expressed its intentions to have Kalush Orchestra live at Eurovision stage.

Let’s hope the current situation in Ukraine will find a solution soon!


What do you think about this development? What do you think about Kalush Orchestra? Let us know in the comments below!

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