ESC 2022: Meet LPS From Slovenia!


Slovenia this year chose LPS as its Eurovision representatives. LPS, which means Last Pizza Slice, is a 5-member band that was formed in 2018 in Celje, Slovenia.

The band consists of 5 members: Filip Vidušin (singer), Gašper Hlupič (drums), Mark Semeja (electric guitar), Zala Velenšek (bass, tenor and alto saxophone) and Žiga Žvižej (electronic keyboard). The band was formed while the members were attending school in Celje.

In late 2021, the band was announced to be among the artists of the newcomers’ section of the Slovenian national final, EMA. LPS reached the final of the newcomers’ and qualified to the established artists’ category. The band reached the final of EMA and won with their entry “Disko”.

Their song is composed by Filip Vidušin, Gašper Hlupič, Mark Semeja, Zala Velenšek and Žiga Žvižej.

Slovenia will perform 5th in the first semifinal.

What do you think about the song? Can Slovenia win the contest for the first time? Write your thoughts in the comments below!

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