ESC 2022: Rehearsals – Day 5! (Final Update)


A couple of hours ago, the fifth day of rehearsals came to an end. Almost all acts of the 1st semifinal rehearsed at the Pala Olimpico, in Turin for the second time. In contrast with the first rehearsals, the press had access to this phase of the show. Moreover, clips of the performance were uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Eurovision.

Albania 🇦🇱

During Ronela’s second rehearsal changed her outfit from the first one. Her choreography is very interesting and full of movements. Of course, she hits every note perfectly, despite the difficulties of her dance moves.

Latvia 🇱🇻

Another energetic performance by Citi Zēni. Not much new information about the staging. The band keeps this similar to the national final and the pre-parties. It is a very colourful presentation with many dancing moves.

Lithuania 🇱🇹

Lithuania’s performance is one of the most affected by the broken “sun”. It is obvious that there is a huge black background, harming her staging. On the other hand, Monika does her best; her vocals are excellent and her moves accompany very good the entry.

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Next is Switzerland with a very melodic and sentimental performance by Marius Bear. During the clip, you can see a project on his face, the same as the graphics on the floor. His voice is really good, but I must say it feels a little lonely on stage.

Slovenia 🇸🇮

Slovenia’s disco ball really helps the performance. I have to admit the staging helps the entry, despite the black arches on the background. The vocals are on the spot and the members are bouncing to the rhythm, without really dancing, which suits the song’s vibes.

Ukraine 🇺🇦

The problems with the background are visible here too. Just look at the video below and check out the background how it is disrupted by the black parts. However, the fact that they use visuals on the flour really benefits their appearance. The folk parts of their outfits are eye-catching and the vocals are perfect.

Bulgaria 🇧🇬

I think that the Bulgarian entry is one of the least affected by the stage problems. There are a lot of fires during the performance; something to expect from a rock entry.

The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Dutch entry this year is all about simplicity. A simple outfit, a simple staging, but a great voice and an interesting ballad. It is a very good approach by S10!

Moldova 🇲🇩

The Moldovan entry is an upbeat song that will make you wanna dance. However, the performers don’t move a lot during their time on stage. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure; those colourful graphics are going to grab your attention!

Croatia 🇭🇷

Croatia’s performance is upgraded with the three dancers – instead of the national final’s appearance, where there was only one. Therefore you can see a story appearing in the background, while Mia sings.

Denmark 🇩🇰

The band has an excellent connection on stage – it’s kind of difficult to communicate when the others don’t play live their instruments. The flour graphic I think works well, despite its simplicity. A performance full of energy!

Austria 🇦🇹

The staging looks really good, given the current situation. Both Lum!x and Pia Maria’s energy are at the ceiling, but the vocals have issues. During the first run of the performance there were obvious problems, but as she kept singing her voice seemed to be responding better!

Greece 🇬🇷

Amanda’s voice is amazing; it is like you hear the studio version. The whole performance seems to be perfect for the song. I can’t say more about it, just watch the video below!

Portugal 🇵🇹

Despite the missing member, due to the COVID infection (read more here), the performance looks good. The use of the second stage, I think, really suits the song. Moreover, Maro’s vocals are good and the movements with the hands are well synchronised!

That’s the end of today’s second rehearsals. Tomorrow, the remaining countries of the first semifinal – Iceland, Norway and Armenia – will present their entries for the second time on stage. Moreover, the first countries of the second semifinal – Finland, Israel, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Malta and San Marino – will also perform for the second time. The press will have access to the rehearsals of those countries.

In addition, the Big-5 countries – the prequalified entries – will take the stage for the 1st time. That means that TikTok videos will return and the press will not be able to watch them!

What do you think about the second rehearsals? What are your favourite and your least favourite act so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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