ESC 2022: North Macedonia Considers Withdrawal After “Flag Scandal”!


The North Macedonian entry at this year’s Eurovision is now into trouble after the Opening Ceremony.

During the Turquoise carpet, Andrea entered the Ceremony carrying a flag of her country. After she took a few photos with the flag in her hands, she threw the flag in order to take some more shots without it. The incident was noticeable by the majority of foreign viewers, however, part of the North Macedonian viewers strongly reacted. The public broadcaster of North Macedonia released the following statement.

Macedonian Radio Television strongly condemns the move of our representative at “Eurovision Song Contest 2022”, Andrea Koevska, who threw the state flag on the ground during the photo shoot in Turin.

The public service is in no way behind this scandalous behavior of our Eurovision representative, who with that gesture showed disrespect for the national symbol, which is punishable by law.

MRT expects Andrea to apologize to the citizens for such behavior. The public service is considering the possibility of her withdrawal from Eurovision, although care will be taken not to cause more damage to MRT.

All legal possibilities for the strictest sanctioning for this scandal will be taken against those responsible in the Macedonian delegation.

MRT | Translated into English

Withdrawing at this point of the contest will make the MRT pay a huge penalty to the EBU.

Since MRT’s statement, Andrea released a video where she apologies. In the video, she explains that she didn’t throw the flag on the floor, but was trying to pass it to other members of the delegation who were far away from her.

The broadcaster has not released any new statement regarding the participation of the country.

At the video below you watch the moment of the incident at 56:30.

You can find more information about Andrea here or you can hear her entry below!

Source: MRT

What do you think about this development? Do you believe North Macedonia will withdraw? Let us know in the comments below!

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