ESC 2022: Laura Pausini Explains Her Long Absence From Eurovision Final!

Photo By: RAI

Did you notice the long absence of Laura Pausini during the voting procedure?

Last night was the Grand final of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. The show was held in Turin, Italy with hosts of the night being Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Catelan. For the most part of the jury voting one of the hosts, Laura Pausini, wasn’t show in the broadcast. Pausini returned to the show, only after the 34 – out of the 40 – countries had given their results!

According to an Instagram post by the singer, her absence was due to a drop in blood pressure. Therefore, Laura stayed in the backstage until she felt better. Below you can read the full post in Italian and Spanish.

Did you notice her absence? How did you find the hosting abilities of the three hosts? Let us know in the comments bellow!


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