ESC 2022: TVR Released How Romanian Jury Voted!

Photo By: / EBU

EBU released a statement, a couple of days ago, about finding voting irregularities on six juries from the 2nd semifinal earlier – read more here!

The public broadcasters of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland and Romania state that their jury voting procedure went under normal circumstances and didn’t understand why the votes were not counted. Therefore they asked EBU for clarification over the subject.

Now, the Romania television released how their jury voted. Below you can read the Romanian jury voting and the artificial one, which EBU made after the speculated cheat on voting.

Official Romanian Jury VotingVoting presented by EBU
12 – Moldova12 – Ukraine
10 – Greece10 – Sweden
8 – Poland8 – United Kingdom
7 – Netherlands7 – Portugal
6 – Azerbaijan6 – Australia
5 – Australia5 – Switzerland
4 – Italy4 – Italy
3 – Spain3 – Netherlands
2 – Finland2 – Greece
1 – Lithuania1 – Spain

We remind you that the list of the countries involved in the voting irregularities are: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino. The only country until today to not have release any statement about the event is San Marino.

Source: Official Romanian Eurovision Facebook Page

What do you think about the situation? Is it possible form the given countries to have manipulated their voting? Let us know in the comments bellow!


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