ESC 2022: Montenegro & San Marino Responds To New EBU Statement!

Photo By: / EBU

The scandal with the alleged irregularities of the 2nd semifinal jury voting continues!

The voting irregularities has to do with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino. Almost all of them, the past few days, explained their reflection on the situation and asked more information regarding the issue.

EBU released a follow-up statement clarifying the issues. According to the EBU, the juries from the given six countries exchanged points. The problem is that when you abstract the points from these juries the scoreboard show almost all of them out of the Top-10. However, all these nations had the other five countries in their top placed of their Top-10.

RTCG, the Montenegrin public television, stated that the allegations has nothing to do with Montenegro. Of course, they note that in a semifinal with only a couple of countries competing repetitive vote exchange is unavoidable.

RTV San Marino released a statement. In addition to its disapproval of the way EBU acted, the public broadcaster noted a number of questions that the Union didn’t respond properly.

When asked if EBU believed the suspicions of voting irregularities to be 100% founded, the answer was no.

When asked if EBU had noticed that a group of countries in the second semifinal would apparently have exchanged 12, 10, 8, 7 and 6, the answer was no.

When asked why the canceled votes of San Marino and the other 5 suspected countries were all given to Sweden (who were given 72 points) and Australia (60 points for her) the answer was because “they had the best songs. “. 

RTV San Marino

Source: RTCG, RTV San Marino

What do you think about the situation? Is it possible from the given countries to manipulate their voting? Let us know in the comments bellow!


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