Sheldon Riley Wins “You’re A Vision Award” 2022!

Photo By: / EBU

Sheldon Riley wins “You’re A Vision Award” 2022!

Sheldon Riley, who represented Australia at Eurovision this year, won the first edition of “You’re A Vision Award”.

Barbara Dex Award was an award for the worst-dressed entry of Eurovision. The award was introduced in 1997, while its name derives from the Belgian representative of 1993 Barbara Dex. The award was given annually from 1997 to 2016 by the Eurovision site “The House of Eurovision”. After that, the Belgian website “” took over the award. The Top-3 completes Chanel from Spain (2nd Place) and Subwoolfer from Norway (3rd Place).

In 2019, the award changed its direction for the “most notable outfit”, while in 2021 was meant for the “most striking look”. Due to the bad negativity that surrounded the award, from this year it has been renamed to “You’re A Vision Award”.


What do you think about the new award? Who did you vote for? Let us know in the comments below!


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