Eleni Foureira Released New Album “Poli_Ploki”!

Photo By: EBU

Eleni Foureira released her new album “Poli_Ploki”, which means “Complicated”. The album contains 12 songs, the majority of which have never released before. In the album you can find last summer’s hit “Aeraki-To Thiliko” and her recent collaboration with Evangelia (Greek NF 2022).

Eleni Foureira

Eleni Foureira is an established artist in both Greece and Cyprus. Her career started in 2007, when she became part of the girl-band “Mystique”. The group managed to made a couple of hits, before dissolving in 2009.

In 2009, Eleni Foureira persuaded a solo career. Her debut album was released in late 2010 and topped the Greek charts. Since then, she has released four more albums, all being a success in Greece.

Her Eurovision dream began in 2010, when she competed in the Greek national final, placing 2nd. After that, in 2016 and 2017 she submitted a song in the Greek public broadcaster, but she wasn’t selected. In 2018, she was internally selected by Cyprus’ public broadcaster to represent the country in Lisbon, Portugal. Her song “Fuego” reached the final and placed second with 436 points. That’s the best entry for the Mediterranean country.

Throughout the years, she has appeared in many shows not only in Greece, but also in Spain and Israel, as a contestant, a hostess and judge.

What do you think about the album? Are you going to listen to it all day long? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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