Joci Pápai Released New Single “Ott Vársz Rám”!

Joci Pápai released his new song “Ott Vársz Rám”, which means “You are waiting for me there”. The song is composed by Pápai József and Szabó Zé.

Joci Pápai

Jószef Pápai or Joci Pápai was born in September 22, 1981 in Tata, Hungary.

Joci is from a poor family of Romani descent. He started getting interested in music from a young age. His older brother was writing songs and was playing the guitar too and young Joci followed his lead. His father is also a  musician, as being the leader of a big gipsy orchestra.

The success didn’t come easily to him. He came into public attention by competing into a talent show in 2005. After that show, he struggled for over a decade to get recognition. In 2017, he was a participant in “A Dal”, the Hungarian national final. His song “Origo” won the national final and therefore he represented his country in Kiev. In the final of Eurovision, the song reached the 8th place with a total of 200 points. It is noteworthy that he was qualified second in his semifinal. After his participation in ESC, his career was boosted, gaining a lot of fame and led to many sold-out concerts in his country.

In 2019, he competed once again in “A Dal” and won again. His song was entitled “Az Én Apám” which means “My Father”. The song didn’t reach the final, placing 12th with 97 points.

What do you think about the song? Will you listen to it all week long? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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