Mélovin Released New Single “Мені не дзвони”!

Mélovin released his new song “Мені не дзвони”, which means “Don’t call me”. The song is composed by Kostyantyn Bocharov.


Kostyantyn Mykolayovych Bocharov, or better known with his stage name Mélovin, was born on April 11, 1997, in Odessa, Ukraine.

His career started in 2015, when he competed in the sixth season of the Ukrainian version of “The X-Factor” and won. Before his victory, he had tried to enter the show three times. Following his victory, he released his debut single.

In 2017, he entered the Ukrainian national final for Eurovision, but his entry didn’t won. The following year, he tried again with his song “Under The Ladder” and won. Therefore, he represented his country at Eurovision, placing 17th with 130 points.

Throughout the years, he has released one studio album, one EP and multiple singles.

What do you think about the song? Will you listen to it all week long? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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