San Marino: Una Voce Per San Marino Will Return In 2023!

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Una Voce Per San Marino was this year’s Sammarinese big national final. The show consisted of 4 semifinals, 1 second chance, an Emerging Acts final and a grand final. That was the second time in its Eurovision history that San Marino used a national final to select its participant.

At the final of the show, Achille Lauro won with his song “Stripper”. Achille travelled not far away for San Marino to Turin, where he placed 14th in the semifinal.

As early as the winner’s press conference of UVPSM, the Secretary of State Pedini Amati said that the national selection will return in 2023 and will be even bigger! Now, we have more information about the upcoming national final.

The format of the show will remain mostly the same. The casting phase will commence on October 28 and will conclude on January 27. At this part of the show, a jury will select at least 60 artists, who will proceed to the semifinals.

There will be four semifinals – one of which only for artists from San Marino – and a second chance show. At least 20 acts will qualify for the final. The final will take place on February 23, 2023 in Teatro Nuovo in Dogana, with a five jury panel selecting the winner. In contrast to last year, there will be no an Established Artists section, meaning no artist will be pre-qualified to the final. However, established acts can skip the casting and qualify to the semifinals.

Applications are now open!

Until the shows, you can watch again Achille Lauro’s Eurovision performance below!


Are you excited with the the national final? What do you think about the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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