Eurovision Season Begins Today!

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Eurovision season begins today!

Today is September 1st and that means Eurovision season has officially begun. According to ESC rules, any song that is released from September 1st and onwards is capable on competing in the contest. But what we know so far?

Host Country

Back in May, Ukraine won Eurovision, but despite the country’s intentions to host the contest, EBU didn’t agree due to the ongoing war. The United Kingdom as this year’s runner-up was next on EBU’s list of potential host nations. After some talks between BBC and EBU, the broadcaster agreed to host the contest.

At this point, we have a total of 7 cities that are still in the run of hosting Eurovision. A final decision will be made shortly.

Participating Countries

Up today, a total of 27 countries have expressed their intentions to participate:

Albania 🇦🇱Germany 🇩🇪Poland 🇵🇱
Austria 🇦🇹Greece 🇬🇷Romania 🇷🇴
Belgium 🇧🇪Iceland 🇮🇸San Marino 🇸🇲
Cyprus 🇨🇾Israel 🇮🇱Serbia 🇷🇸
Denmark 🇩🇰Italy 🇮🇹Spain 🇪🇸
Estonia 🇪🇪Latvia 🇱🇻Sweden 🇸🇪
Finland 🇫🇮Lithuania 🇱🇹Switzerland 🇨🇭
France 🇫🇷Netherlands 🇳🇱Ukraine 🇺🇦
Georgia 🇬🇪Norway 🇳🇴United Kingdom 🇬🇧

What do you think about the competing countries? Are you excited with the beginning of Eurovision season? Let us know in the comments below!

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