Rosa Linn’s “Snap” Rises On Spotify!

Photo By: Armenian Public TV’s Official Twitter Account

Rosa Linn’s “Snap” continues conquering the charts all over the world!

“Snap” officially entered the official Billboard Hot 100 songs last week. Another achievement has been made, with the song now being the 7th most streamed song of Eurovision on Spotify, surpassing Måns’ “Heroes”! “Snap” has become successful worldwide the last couple of months and its only fair for a song like this, having already been charted in more than 30 countries. Moreover, the song is the most streamed of this year’s contest.

Rosa Linn was internally selected earlier this year to represent Armenia at the Eurovision. Her selected song “Snap” managed to reach the final, where it placed 20th with 61 points. Despite its low placing at the show, the song managed to became a TikTok hit and not only!

You can rewatch Rosa’s Grand Final performance below or listen to the available versions of the song.

What do you think about the song? Are you listening to it on repeat? Let us know in the comments below!


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