Erika Vikman Released Cover Of “Kasipäkki”!

Photo By: YLE

Erika Vikman released her cover of Pete Parkkonen’s song “Kasippäki”. The song is composed by Eva Louhivuori and Pete Parkkonen and was covered by Erika as part of the 13th season of the Finnish show “Vain Elämää”.

Erika Vikman

Erika Vikman was born on 20 February 1993, in Tampere, Finland. She mainly sings Finnish-language pop songs. In 2013 she competed in the Finnish version of the music reality show Idol. In 2016 she became the queen of the Tangokuningatar, the oldest Tango festival. Since 2015 she has released a total of 4 singles and one studio album. Except for a musician, she has also appeared in a Finnish Television series. Erika competed in 2020’s edition of UMK with the song “Cicciolina”. Despite being a fan-favourite she placed second.

What do you think about the single? What do you think about the artist? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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