Duncan Laurence & Rosa Linn Released New Single “WDIA (Would Do It Again)”!

Duncan Laurence and Rosa Linn released their new single “WDIA (Would Do It Again)”. The song is composed Chloe Angelides, Paul Shelton, Roza Kostandyan and Tamar Mardirossian.

Duncan Laurence

Duncan was born on 11th of April 1994 in Spijkennise, Netherlands. His real name is Duncan de Moor. From a young age he showed his interest in music, although his town doesn’t have infrastructures. He started his musical career at the Rock Academy in Tilburg. He graduated in 2017. Duncan has also participated in the fifth season of The Voice of Holland. He managed to reach the semifinal, but then he was eliminated. Duncan has co-written a song for a K-POP duo too. In 2019, win Eurovision giving his country a victory after more than 40 years! In 2020, he released his debut album.

Rosa Linn

Rosa Linn was born on November 28, 2000 in Vanadzor, Armenia. Her real name is Roza Kostandyan.

She had her first contact with music at the age of 6, when she began playing the piano. A couple of years later, in 2013, she took part at the Armenian national selection for Junior Eurovision.

Her debut single was released in 2021 and was titled “King”. The song was the result of a collaboration along with American singer Kiiara. Earlier this year, she was internally selected to represent Armenia in Italy this year.

Her entry “Snap” was composed by Rosa Linn, Allie Crystal, Courtney Harrell, Jeremy Dusolet, Larzz Principato and Tamar Mardirossian Kaprelian (Armenia 2015). Rosa placed 20th with 61 points.

The song may not placed on the right side of the scoreboard at Eurovision, but a global success on the charts was achieved!

What do you think about the single? What do you think about the artists? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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