Estonia 2023: Eesti Laul – The First 10 Artists Announced!

ERR, the Estonian public television, revealed the first 10 entries of the upcoming edition of Eesti Laul.

A total of 217 songs were received (15 more songs than last year) and a jury selected the 20 songs that will appear on the show. This year, Eesti Laul will consist of two semifinals and a final. The first semifinal will take place on January 12.

The 10 participants are:

  • Andreas – Why Do You Love Me?
  • Alika – Bridges 
  • Carlos Ukareda – Whiskey Won’t Forget
  • ELLIP – Pretty Girl 
  • Elysa  – Bad Philosophy
  • JANEK – House Of Glass
  • kaw – Valik 
  • Meelik – Tuju
  • SISSI – Lighthouse 
  • Wiiralt & Ultima Thule – Salalik

Among the announced entries we can notice some familiar artists. Elysal has attempted in the past to represent her country in Eurovision both in 2015 and 2022. Meelik has also competed in the national final in 2012 and 2013. Moreover, Wiiralt took part in the latest two editions of the Eesti Laul (2021, 2022).

Among the composers there are also some well-known Eurovision related artists, like Stig Rästa (Estonia 2015), Kjetil Mørland (Norway 2015) and Wouter Hardy (composer: The Netherlands 2019, Switzerland 2021).


What do you think about the artists so far? Are you excited about the names that were announced? Let us know in the comments below!


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