Albania 2023: Festivali i Këngës – Tonight The Second Semifinal!


Festivali i Këngës will continue tonight, with its second semifinal!

Festivali i Këngës will have its second semifinal tonight at 21:00 CET. A total of 13 songs will be performed for the first time. You can find out the running order below!

Running Order

  1. Melodajna Mancaku – Gjysma e zemrës sime
  2. Permit of Stay – Fobia
  3. Arsi Bako – Sonte dua të jem me ty
  4. Gjergj Kaçinari – Dje
  5. Franc Koruni – Në pritje
  6. Petrit Çarkaxhiu – Emri yt mirësi
  7. Elsa Lila – Evita
  8. Gent Hoxha – Ajër
  9. Evi Reçi – Ma kthe
  10. Manjola Nallbani – Dua
  11. Lynx – Nëse ke besim
  12. Alban & Lore – Melodi
  13. Vanesa Sono – Aroma jonë


What do you think about the Albanian national final? Which artist is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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