AIDAN & Ira Losco Released New Single “Rip (Rest In Peace)”!

AIDAN and Ira Losco released their new single “Rip (Rest In Peace)”. The song is composed by Aidan Cassar, Boban Apostolov and Ira Losco.


Aidan Cassar, or simply Aidan, was born on December 17, 1999, in Żejtun, Malta. He is a singer and songwriter.

He started his career in 2018, when he competed in the Maltese national final for Eurovision. The same year, he also auditioned for X-Factor. This year, he competed in Malta Eurovision Song Contest and he placed 2nd with his song “Ritmu”. At the same competition he composed songs for four more artists, all of which managed to qualify for the final.

Yesterday, it was announced that AIDAN will compete MESC 2023.

Ira Losco

Ira Losco was born on July 31, 1981 in Malta. She came into public’s attention in 2002, when she won the Maltese national selection. Thus, she flew the Maltese flag to Estonia and sang the song “7th Wonder” placing 2nd. After that, her career was boosted and she released five studio albums, which became successful in Malta. In 2016, she won once again the national final with her song “Chameleon”. Ira changed her song prior to the contest and chose “Walk On Water”. The entry placed 12th in the final of Eurovision. Since 2018, she is judge on the Maltese version of the “X-Factor”.

What do you think about the song? Are you going to listen to the song through the week? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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