Norway 2023: MGP – Artists Revealed!

More information about the Norwegian national final.

NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster, announced the artists that are going to participate in the upcoming MGP. You can see the list of artists below!


Semifinal 1
  • Ulrikke Brandstorp – Honestly
  • Eirik Næss – Wave
  • Kate Gulbrandsen – Tårer i paradis
  • Rasmus Thall – TRESKO
  • Alessandra Mele – Queen of Kings
  • Byron Williams Jr & Jowst – Freaky For The Weekend
  • Umami Tsunami featuring Kyle Alessandro, Kristian Haugstøyl & Magnus Winjum – Geronimo
Semifinal 2
  • Sandra Lyng – Drøm d bort
  • Jone – Ekko Inni Meg
  • Swing’ it – Prohibition
  • Ella – Waist
  • Alejandro Fuentes – Fuego
  • Bjørn Olav Edvardsen – Turn Off My Heart
  • Elsie Bay – Love You in a Dream
Semifinal 3
  • Skrellex – Love Again
  • Tiril Beisland – Break It
  • Akuvi – Triumph
  • Atle Pettersen – Masterpiece
  • Eline Thorp – Not Meant to Be
  • Maria Celin – Freya
  • Stig van Eijk – Someday


Melodi Grand Prix is the Norwegian national final for Eurovision. This year, NRK received the feedback of the public and decided to change the format of the selection process. The number of semifinals has now been reduced from four to three. Moreover, the last chance round has been completely scratched along with the duels and the pre-qualified acts. Now, all the artists must qualify from one of the semis in order to have a chance to sing in the final! The three artists with the most points at the end of each semifinal will advance to the next phase of the show.

The winner will be decided through a combination of an international jury and public votes (50%-50%). The first semifinal will take place on January 14.


What do you think about the artists? Do you like the new format? Let us know in the comments below!


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